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Jesse James: Sex is better with Kat Von D

Jesse James told Howard Stern that sex with fiancee Kat Von D is “100 percent better” than sex with ex-wife Sandra Bullock. How low will James go to promote his new book? Very low, apparently.

Jesse James was on The Howard Stern Show this morning, promoting his American Outlaw memoir, and he shared some of the most intimate sexual details of his relationship with ex-wife Sandra Bullock. Asked to compare his fiance, Kat Von D, with ex Sandra Bullock, in the sack, James responded sex with Von D is “100 percent better.” Stay classy, Jesse!


Jesse James and Kat Von D

Stern asked why Jesse James cheated, and James claimed it’s because he felt like he never fit in to Bullock’s A-list Hollywood existence. “The problem was me… I could marry anyone and it didn’t matter because I would always screw it up and sabotage it because I couldn’t live with myself… she could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind I was thinking, […] ‘You don’t love me. I’m just some biker kid.'”

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Did Sandra Bullock cheat on Jesse James? “I don’t know anything about that,” James said. “She could have, very well could have… but I don’t have any knowledge of anything like that.”

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Now, James says, he can see he should have left Bullock after he started cheating a few years into their marriage. He told Stern he “should have done the honorable thing and just left her… because I did really love her and I did really care for her.”

All that sounds well and good, but it also sounds like little more than self-promotion. Throughout his Throw Sandra Under the Bus Tour, James has been seeking to exploit his relationship with the actress while selling himself as someone on the road to personal discovery and recovery.

If James really wants to get better and do “the honorable thing,” he should take a tip from his ex and stop comparing his fiance and his ex-wife sexually and in public.

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