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Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t want to be forgotten, launches website

Coming this Friday, to an Internet near you, is the debut of! That’s right, the funnyman is launching his own website that will (slowly) be filled with over 1,000 clips of comedy.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t want anyone to have too much enjoyment at once. That’s why the comedian will be allotting the Internet viewing public three clips of his comedy per day, beginning this Friday. will eventually feature over 1,000 comedy clips. “I don’t want everything,” Jerry explains to the New York Times. “Burger King now has a burger where you decide how many patties. How disgusting is that? That’s the problem right there. That’s the cultural moment that I am repudiating.”

No overindulgence for you!

Why launch a website at the age of 57? Like the Greeks, Jerry Seinfeld is on a quest to make sure his legacy lives on long after he does. “I really thought, ‘Where’s my stuff going to be when I’m dead?'”

Though Jerry is hip enough to know his clips are scattered out there illegally, he says, “Who can go through the Raiders of the Lost Ark catacombs of YouTube? It’s completely random.”

An added bonus of is that if Jerry ever gets an itch to create another show he’ll have a platform ready and waiting. “If I have this idea for a TV show,” says Jerry, “I can just put it up on the Internet.”

Will you be surfing over to Jerry Seinfeld’s website for your daily ration of comedy?


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