Chris Hemsworth is Thor!

Australian Chris Hemsworth is ready for his close-up. Audiences first got a look at his steely blue eyes as Captain Kirk’s father George in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. Now, the star is set to explode with his impressive turn as the title character in the first big screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics classic, Thor.

Chris Hemsworth is almost unrecognizable in Thor versus Star Trek. When we spoke to director Kenneth Branagh, he told us that his Thor had to be 100-percent “real man.”

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

There can be no CGI to enhance the actor; he must come to the set truly looking the part of Thor. Hemsworth does that in droves. He bulked up and the result is not only one of the hottest guys on screen in recent memory, but also his performance as Thor should solidify Hemsworth as a huge movie star.

Hemsworth met us at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for an exclusive video interview and talked about what it meant to the actor to lead a new Marvel Comics franchise.

Chris Hemsworth is Thor

But, what truly struck us was his utter awe at working side by side with some of British cinema’s best in director Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Hopkins, who stars as his onscreen father Odin.

Chris Hemsworth exclusive video interview


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