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New Bachelorette cast: Who are the hotties?

The guys for the new season of The Bachelorette are here. Which ones are we loving so far?

Bachelorette Ashley HebertABC just revealed the cast list of eligible bachelors competing for Ashley Hebert’s heart on the new season of The Bachelorette. We went perusing across the guys’ headshots to find our new obsession, but sadly there are only a few super hotties this season.

Who are we liking?

Ryan P.

Well helloooo there handsome. Ryan P. is a 31-year-old solar energy executive from Corona Del Mar, California. He’s apparently a take-charge kinda dude: He’s the first guy to pursue alone time with Hebert. We like confidence — but is he cocky?

Ryan P The Bachelorette


Blake looks like the kind of all-American, frat-boy type that’s the life of the party. Spoiler alert: Blakey-boy is a dentist too! Will love bloom while discussing bicuspids? Stay tuned.

Blake The Bachelorette


We’re diggin’ the scruff on Michael here — he looks like a diamond-in-the-rough type. He’s a technology salesman from San Diego, but hopefully he won’t lay his sales pitch down too hard on the show. Will he win Ashley’s heart?

Michael The Bachelorette

Chris M.

Chris M. has a baby face, but he’s trying super hard to look like a bad boy with that biker jacket. However, this motivated dude is a 27-year-old construction company CEO from Edmonton, Canada. Will he have anything in common with the dentist-to-be Ashley?

Chris M The Bachelorette

Oh, and this teaser for The Bachelorette is totally getting us amped for this season.

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