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Jennifer Lopez gropes not-Marc-Anthony in I’m Into You video

Jennifer Lopez is getting frisky with a hot man in her new video, and it sure as heck isn’t husband Marc Anthony! I’m Into You is four minutes of wet sand, bare-chested, beach-snuggling hotness.

Let’s not read too much into Jennifer Lopez‘s new video I’m Into You, which is noticeably devoid of husband Marc Anthony. While watching the American Idol host get wet, sandy and snuggly with a half-dressed male model, remember this is work! Another hard day at the JLo office.

Jennifer Lopez's I'm Into You

Just who is that hot model featured in the I’m Into You video? Telenovela star William Levy. One music website writes, “When she’s not gyrating on the Chichen-Itza ruins in Mexico, J-Lo spends the majority of the video either frolicking on the beach or laying across her hot beach beau.”

MTV reports on I’m Into You saying, “Along with the song’s midtempo beat, I’m Into You also features an unexpected dance breakdown, where Lopez bursts into some swift choreography to a clip of her Love? cut Papi.”

An “unexpected” dance breakdown? From Jenny from the block? We think enjoyable, not unexpected, is a better description!

Also noticeably absent from the video is rapper Lil Wayne, whose work is featured in I’m Into You. What’s with kicking all the men you know in real life out, Jennifer?

Would you rather watch Jennifer Lopez writhing around with the model, or Marc Anthony?

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s I’m Into You video:


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