Fresh episodes: Modern Family, Cougar Town & more

May 4, 2011 at 7:52 p.m. ET

May sweeps mean nothing but new laughs on ABC Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Mother's Day comes early on Modern Family and The Middle. Lou Diamond Phillips visits Cougar Town. Then a Happy Endings double dose takes on gaycists, hipsters and mice.

On The Middle: Mother's Day II, it's a win-win situation when Mike and the kids give Frankie (Patricia Heaton) a whole day by herself as a Mother's Day gift. It sounds perfect. After Frankie's day turns out to be very lame, her family comes home telling fabulous bonding tales about their perfect day without her. Can the clan recreate their perfect Mother's Day for Frankie? Hint: Not likely!

The Middle marks Mother's Day

Then Joel goes over the top in Better with You: Better with a Bargain. With Mia and Casey's baby due any day (aka next week's episode!), the granddaddy-to-be wants to get them the fancy $1000 stroller they've been coveting. Of course, Joel plans to get it for less and his haggling methods take a turn for the extreme. Maddie, meanwhile, faces a bit of a crisis when she questions whether she still wants to be a lawyer.

On Modern Family: Mother's Day, at 9 p.m., Mitch surprises Cameron with breakfast in bed, which sends Cam into a tailspin. The former footballer is upset about being seen as a "mother" to Lily and a "wife" to Mitch. Claire and Gloria, on the other hand, are thrilled to be celebrated. When they plan an outdoor day with the kids, however, the day goes wrong. The kids' incessant bickering and complaining ruins the hike, driving Claire to the edge and Gloria after her. Meanwhile, Phil sees another side of Jay when the hubbies stay home to cook up a nice Mother's Day dinner.

Lou Diamond Phillips Guests in two episodes of Cougar Town

Cougar Town finds a Diamond

Then Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars as himself on Cougar Town: Lonesome Sundown. Phillips is a customer at Grayson's bar this week and it looks like he'll be back in two weeks with Barry Bostwick for the May 18 episode, too!

As for this week, Cougar Town finds Jules using a cane and stressing over the knowledge that Travis has an engagement ring in his pocket, while his girlfriend Kirstin is preparing to leave town. Jules tries to stay out of it and let him make his own decision, while pushing Grayson to take an interest in her son. Meanwhile, after Laurie gets sick of the cul-de-sac crew's tendency to take each other for granted, the crew establishes a "council" to determine punishment for misconduct.

Then it's a double hit of Happy Endings. First at 10 p.m., in Of Mice and Jazz Kwon-Do, when Brad tries to fix Max up with a guy from work, Max accuses Brad of being a "gaycist." Meanwhile, Jane outshines Penny at her martial arts class while Dave keeps finding excuses to hang at Alex's pad. Dave isn't pining for his ex: He's pining for the apartment they used to share, but what about Alex? She lets the mouse Dave's trying to catch go, begging the question: Why does she want the guy she left at the altar hanging around?

Then in Happy Endings: Dave of the Dead, the crew becomes fixated on the coming zombie apocalypse. Max and Jane go toe to toe in a slew of odd competitions to determine who will survive when the zombies take over, while Dave fears he's already become a zombie, professionally, and decides to quit his job and open a restaurant. Meanwhile, Penny snags a hipster (John Bobek) and thanks to her laundry day look, he thinks she's one too. She tries to keep up, but finds his too cool life too exhausting.

The laughs start on ABC at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 4.

Modern Family fetes the moms!