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I crashed the royal wedding!

I spent the night at Westminster Abbey to see Prince William marry Kate Middleton. Did it pay off?

One million people stood along the streets of London to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton leave their single days behind at their royal wedding in Westminster Abbey. Well, one million and one, including me.

Kate Middleton at the royal wedding

I bunked down at Parliament Square about 2 a.m. London time and was greeted by a tent city of sorts — dozens of people pitched makeshift tents near Westminster Abbey to stake their claim on a prime spot. I wasn’t as prepared — I simply had a blanket and pillow as I settled in for the night.

The early arrival paid off — I took a position near the entrance of Westminster Abbey, directly in front of where Prince William and Kate Middleton would arrive for the ceremony. I wasn’t alone: There were already thousands of people there, standing and waiting. I spent the time talking with other royal fans from around the world, including the U.S., Asia, Australia and all over Europe. The excitement in the air was palpable.

My prime viewing spot, however, wasn’t prime for celebrity sightings. VIP guests like David Beckham, Victoria Beckham and Elton John were on the side of the church — I only knew they were there when someone would randomly yell out “The Beckhams just arrived” or “That was Elton John!”

Normally, I’m a celebrity hound. But none of that mattered today; I was just there for the moment when Kate finally arrived in her gorgeous Sarah Burton-designed dress. She exited the car with a type of class you just can’t learn — and her wave to the crowd shows she’s ready for the royal microscope.

And for me? Well, I was there for a bit of history — and how many people can say they were only yards away from the new Duchess of Cambridge? It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

What was your favorite moment of the royal wedding?

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