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Exclusive: Disney’s Prom cast chats!

The cast of Prom has gathered to meet us at the Los Angeles school where they shot the new Disney film. Soon-to-be superstars from Prom meeting at the John Burroughs Middle School include Thomas McDonell (The Rum Diaries), Aimee Teegarden (recently seen in Scream 4), De’Vaughn Nixon and Kylie Bunbury, who lead an upstart ensemble that promises to bring the Prom as no other film has prior.

Prom follows 14 high school students in the weeks leading up to one of the biggest moments in a high school student’s life. Disney’s Prom weaves the storylines of these characters with an ease similar to their great success in the High School Musical movies.

The cast of Prom readies for the big dance

We spoke to the entire cast of Prom for exclusive video interviews including Aimee Teegarden (also of Friday Night Lights) and Thomas McDonell and one theme emerged above all else: This is a cast that became extremely close while shooting the film in the summer of 2010.

Why we loved this Disney film (review premiering April 29) is that it is an earnest portrayal of the high school experience.

There are the seniors who are not only nervous about the approaching prom, but also the incredible amount of changes heading their way after graduation.

Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell in Prom

But, there are also the sophomores at the school — students who aspire to be their own people, yet are still keenly aware of the standard that the school’s seniors have set forward.

Disney’s Prom was perfectly cast. From top to bottom, look for the stars of Prom to make waves long after the glitter has faded from the movie dance of the year!

Kylie Bunbury readies for her Prom

Prom cast chats!

Bonus Prom video! The Prom mash-up!

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