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Top 10 princess movies for royal wedding readiness

The royal wedding is here and the entire weekend shall be filled with princess revelry. To get you in the mood and also provide a cinematic continuation of the prince and princess wedding festivities, SheKnows has compiled our list of top 10 princess movies for royal wedding readiness.

Julia Stiles in The Prince and MeTop 10 Princess movies

10. Tangled/Rapunzel

Tangled scored huge box office numbers for Disney at the end of 2010. Their modern update of the Rapunzel story immediately struck a chord with audiences and should do the same for those excited about the royal wedding. The Rapunzel princess story is timeless. The idea that a princess has all the power she needs within herself to make herself the perfect princess, is also a message little girls who dream of being a princess can identify with — and have identified with for centuries.

9. The Prince and Me

Julia Stiles stars in this fantasy about a Wisconsin farmer’s daughter who becomes fascinated with a Danish exchange student who may or may not be a royal prince. The two become friends and eventually, fall in love. The Prince and Me is a classic American girl becomes a princess tale.

8. Shrek

A little different take on the princess movie genre with Cameron Diaz voicing the character who is a princess, but must find love to break the spell of being an ogre. All the classic princess movie storylines are here, even if they are perfectly turned on their head!

7. Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope

Princess Leia, what more can be said about the icon that is the Star Wars saga’s leading lady? As embodied by Carrie Fisher, George Lucas’ character anchored a rebellion that sent evil back under the rock from which it crawled out of in the form of Darth Vader and the Dark Lord.

Princess Leia in Star Wars: A New Hope

6. The Queen

Although the princess at the heart of this film is seen nowhere in the film, it is hard to argue that the lessons of being a modern princess are all on display in The Queen. Whether she is a cast-off or a central part of any kingdom, the role of princess — as defined by The Queen — should never be underestimated in its ability to move a nation and the world.

5. The Princess Bride

Classic. End of story. The movie stands the test of time, which is no easy task given most movies of the 1980s!

4. Cinderella

Cinderella, a classic tale told thousands of times over the years in its many forms, plays to the dream of millions who believe they were meant for something greater than the lives they are currently living. And who can’t relate to the idea of a perfect night that should not be interrupted by a carriage turning into a pumpkin?

3. Enchanted

The 2007 instant classic starring Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams is one of the most unique and terrific takes on the princess theme in recent memory. Adams is perfectly cast in Enchanted as a fairy tale princess who lands in Manhattan bringing joy and love to those she meets. Also, how amazing is Susan Sarandon as the evil queen? What princess movie can’t use an evil queen such as her Queen Narissa?

Amy Adams is Enchanted

2. Ever After

Drew Barrymore’s Ever After will always have a special place in our hearts. All the precious elements of a princess movie are on full display in Ever After. The costumes, the sweeping score, the super gorgeous prince and a girl who dreams of greatness — this is one film we can watch over and over and over.

1. The Princess Diaries

Now, the reasons The Princess Diaries is number one in our book are many. We have to start with the star-making turn of Anne Hathaway. Toss in the steely, yet warm when she needs to be maternal character played by Julie Andrews, and the Hathaway-Andrews tandem is perfect princess chemistry.

Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

Yes, it’s another average girl becomes a princess story, but with its witty writing, stellar casting and performances, The Princess Diaries is a princess film for the ages.

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