Kate Middleton spending night before wedding in 5-star hotel

Kate Middleton is spending her last night as a single lady in luxury. The princess-to-be will be kicking her heels up at London’s Goring Hotel.

The night before Kate Middleton’s highly anticipated wedding to Prince William will be all about relaxing for the bride-to-be. Middleton will join her mother, Carole, and sister, Pippa Middleton, at London’s Goring Hotel.

Kate Middleton's last night as a single woman spent here!

Prior to the royal wedding, the Middleton girls will spend the evening in a five-room suite with a view overlooking the posh hotel’s private garden.

The newly decorated suite comes with a large four-poster bed and silk wallpaper. The coolest part? If Kate Middleton feels like soaking in a calming bath she has a waterproof flat-screen TV to watch.

If that isn’t enough to catch the ladies’ eyes, there is reportedly a replica of Queen Victoria’s wedding gown gracing the interior.

The Goring Hotel’s doors opened in 1910 and boasts that it was the first hotel in the world to have a separate bathroom for each room.

The hotel’s location near Buckingham Palace has long made it a staple for members of the royal family, so it’s only fitting that Kate Middleton will take up residence there the eve before her royal wedding to Prince William. Middleton is expected to leave the hotel at 10:51 a.m. to make her 11:00 a.m. call time at Westminster Abbey.

What do you think of Kate Middleton and her swanky last night as a single woman? What bride wouldn’t want to spend the eve of her wedding in a five-star hotel?

Will you be watching the royal wedding on television or perhaps the Internet? Tell us where you’ll be spending Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day.


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