American Idol recap: The top six sing the songs of Carole King

The American Idol hopefuls tackled the songs of Carole King this week, leaving the race for America’s next Idol a pretty level playing field.

American Idol final 6

There are only six left in the race for the next American Idol. This week, the contestants of American Idol took on Carole King in two ways — on their own and as a duet. The duets were more for fun, though. Here’s how it all went down.

Three people really shined this week: James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart.

James Durbin got the star of the night award! How sweet was it to see James Durbin mellow out with the classic love song, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? He stripped the performance down to showcase his voice, proving he’s a real singer. It’s like American Idol disappears into a James Durbin concert when he jams. Steven Tyler might have to live up to his promise and sing with Durbin at the finale. Randy called it — he could win the whole thing!

Scotty McCreery also got high marks for stepping out of his comfort zone with You Got a Friend. He broke out of the boring zone from last week! He can make any song a hot Scotty McCreery tune! Did we actually hear Randy Jackson deem the top of the song “flawless?”

Haley Reinhart took a hold of Beautiful and just smashed it to pieces! Steven Tyler thought he heard God in her voice, that’s how good it was! She’s really bringing her A-game and if she keeps up this momentum, she could end up in the final three — at the very least.

As for the rest, Casey Abrams brought some old school jazz to the AI stage with Hi De Ho. Did anyone else get the vapors when he threw his fedora into the audience? We know he’s got the pipes, but when he breaks out the cool jazz vibe, he’s H-O-T! Unfortunately, he’s still got some loosening up to do which didn’t put him in the hot button zone like James, Scotty and Haley.

Lauren Alaina pushed the limits of her voice to the point of cracking during her rendition of Where You Lead. She still got mad props for attacking the song, even if Randy Jackson did pull out the word “safe” to describe it.

Jacob Lusk rocked a pretty typical take on Oh No, Not My Baby. When the critics dance around pushing your performance, you have to step it up. We’re not convinced he did.

The duets allowed the contestants to have a bit of fun with each other. We weren’t sure how Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart would sound together because they have such similar snarls in their voices, but you know what? They made the earth move under our feet with their funky take on I Feel the Earth Move.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina performed Up on the Roof like they were already country stars on the CMA stage.

There couldn’t have been an odder couple — James Durbin and Jacob Lusk. It was like two guys just having fun singing I’m Into Something Good.

Who do you think is exiting the American Idol stage this week?


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