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Kate Hudson’s ring was expensive to say the least!

Kate Hudson’s engagement ring is insanely huge and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yep, as much as your average home would cost. Being famous and in love with a rock star really does have its perks.

Kate Hudson engagement ring

Kate Hudson’s engagement ring is beautiful… and huge. Like gigantic. Like so huge that all her friends are probably fuming silently while pretending to be happy for her. We know we would.

The emerald-cut diamond ring with diamond baguettes on either side boasts a whopping five carats and a price tag of about $300,000. Rocker fiancé Matthew Bellamy is clearly dropping some major bling on his baby momma. (The currently pregnant Hudson is due in May.)

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Hudson gushed as she spoke to Matt Lauer about the engagement on the Today show after Lauer noticed the ring.

“Could you place your hand in my hand for a second please?” Matt asked Kate. “I just want to see something… Is this new?” Kate offered a girlish giggle and coyly responded, “This is new!”

The ring is gorgeous and tasteful. Nice job, Bellamy!

Hudson said she kept it secret for about a week because she was “hoping for someone to notice.” Um, who exactly didn’t notice?

Coincidently, Hudson’s engagement news comes at the beginning of her promotional tour for her new movie, Something Borrowed, which opens in wide-release next month.

Do you think Kate Hudson’s $300,000 ring is as beeeeautiful as we do?

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