Is Prince Harry taking Chelsy Davy to the royal wedding?

Prince Harry is reportedly set to bring his ex-flame, Chelsy Davy, to the royal wedding. Is that a wise move?

Chelsy Davy is going to the royal wedding with Prince HarryPrince Harry might be taking his own special gal to the royal wedding between his brother, Prince William, and his bride, Kate Middleton. It appears that the red-headed royal rebel is back with his on and off girlfriend Chelsy Davy, according to People.

The couple — broken up since 2009 — are set to attend both the nuptials and private reception together. The Zimbabwe native is set to wear a Alberta Ferretti gown to the April 29 ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

“How could he not have Chelsy there? She’s the most important girl in his life!” a source told US Weekly.

“She’ll be able to get changed for the evening, and spend some private time with Harry,” said an aide. “He wants her to be as involved as possible.”

The couple started talking again around the time that Wills and Middleton got engaged, according to a source. Davy, a law student, is also set to join a law firm near London in the days leading up to the royal wedding.

As for Harry? His big plans revolve around setting up the private reception. He’s reportedly the one responsible for much of the planning.

“The DJ, the playlists, cocktail menu, food ideas. . .so much is all from Harry,” a palace aide told US Weekly. “Bless Harry, he’s put his heart and soul in to it. There is very little being planned by a party planner for the latter half of the evening reception [which is split in to two halves]. It’s all about the young crowd and Harry wanted to make it fun and appropriate. When in London, he’s attended meetings at St. James’ Palace with a number of other staff to make sure William and Kate get exactly what they want that night. This is one of his gifts to them.”

We all know Prince Harry likes a good party – we’re sure it’s going to be a good one for his big bro and new sister-in-law!

Do you think Prince Harry should take Chelsy Davy to the royal wedding?

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