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Toni Collette has a baby boy! His name is…

There’s a new addition in the Collette-Galafassi household! Actress Toni Collette has given birth to her second child and given him a unique name. Does Toni Collette’s baby deserve to be the latest addition to the list of crazy celebrity baby names? You be the judge!

Toni Collette’s baby was born on Friday, April 22, in her homeland of Australia. Welcome to the world down under, Arlo Robert Galafassi!

A rep has confirmed Arlo’s arrival, saying, “Toni Collette, her husband David Galafassi and their daughter Sage Galafassi are excited and proud to announce the arrival of their baby boy, Arlo Robert Galafassi.”

A statement from Toni and David, who wed in 2003, adds, “He was born on Good Friday, making it the greatest Friday, indeed!” Arlo’s big sister Sage is now 3-years-old.

In 2010 Toni told USA Today that her family “travels as a unit” and joins her on-set wherever she is needed. “The fact that I can bring my child, my family to work saves me,” the 38-year-old said. “If I couldn’t, I don’t think I’d be working, sadly, which would probably make me implode.”

Arlo is an an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “fortified hill” that has shot up in popularity over the last five years. Have you ever met anyone named Arlo? We’re highly impressed with Toni’s choice of names. Unique and yet not crazy, which is hard to pull off, especially amongst celebrity baby names!

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Congratulations to Toni Colette and the whole family! What are your thoughts on the name Arlo?

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