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Glee preview: Born This Way

Glee is all-new this week with a 90 minute gleek-taculor episode dedicated to Lady Gaga’s anthem Born This Way.

We’ve heard about it for weeks now, but the wait is over — check out this week’s new Glee dedicated to Lady Gaga’s hit track Born This Way. The song isn’t the only thing big about this week’s episode.

Glee does Born this Way

We nearly gleeked out when we heard Glee was super-sizing it’s Born This Way episode to 90 minutes. So, what could they possibly do to top their other takes on Gaga? It’s all about learning to love yourself, baby!

To start, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) sets the tone of the episode, trying to get the glee club to embrace their individuality and what makes them unique.

Meanwhile, Lauren puts herself up against Quinn (Dianna Agron) for prom queen and Santana (Naya Rivera) hatches a plan that could change how the glee club runs. With Lauren in the running for prom queen, this could spell trouble for Quinn and Finn (Cory Monteith).

It wouldn’t be an episode about loving who you are if they didn’t tackle physical uniqueness. Word has it, Rachel (Leah Michele) considers getting a nose job. The episode also marks the McKinley High return of Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer)!

Check out a preview of Glee’s tribute to Born This Way and tell us if you think it can match their other performances of Lady Gaga.

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