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Lindsay Lohan heads back to court

Lindsay Lohan will be back in court today, April 22, for an important hearing regarding her jewelry theft case. This time, the actress’ side of the story will be heard. Read on for details.

Lindsay Lohan

Not even Lindsay Lohan can escape a Good Friday court appearance. The actress is headed back to court today for a vital hearing pertaining to her highly talked about jewelry theft charge.

Lindsay Lohan has denied any wrongdoing in the theft case that alleges she took a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store back in January. She tweeted back in February, “I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal.” The story is that she believed the necklace was on loan when she walked out of the store with it.

Why is the hearing so important? With her new role in Gotti: Three Generations, Lohan has to plead her case and get this incident behind her for her career’s sake. Today is the day to tell her side of the story.

This pivotal hearing will be the first time Lindsay Lohan’s defense presents their side of the case. In layman’s terms — what happened according to Lindsay.

The decision will also be made as to whether she’ll stand trial in front of a jury on the felony grand theft charge and possibly face a three-year sentence in the slammer.

Lohan took matters into her own hands last month when she flat-out denied a plea from prosecutors that would have only carried a three-to-six month sentence. All she had to do was plead guilty, but it was something she couldn’t do.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s day in court? Do you think it will go her way and she’ll be on the fast track back to a new and refreshed career with Gotti: Three Generations?

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