John Krasinski dishes Something Borrowed and The Office

Apr 21, 2011 at 4:09 p.m. ET

The Office may be going through some big changes lately, but one thing has remained constant: One of its stars, John Krasinski, is doing nothing but seeing his career blow up outside The Office including starring in his latest film, Something Borrowed.

John Krasinski has quietly amassed an impressive film career while holding court on the NBC smash The Office. Whether supporting Meryl Streep in It's Complicated or George Clooney in Leatherheads, Krasinski has appeared with some of Hollywood's biggest names.

John Krasinski and Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed

His latest film, Something Borrowed, lands in theaters May 6 and stars Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin in an adaptation of the Emily Giffin bestselling book of the same name. Krasinski portrays Hudson and Goodwin's platonic friend who, above all the madness of fiance-stealing and BFF battles, provides the voice of reason. Goodwin even called his character, "The Jiminy Cricket of Something Borrowed."

Krasinski talks to SheKnows about making Something Borrowed, as well as the latest news on Steve Carell's exit from The Office and what fans can expect next from the Emmy-winning show.

John Krasinski talks!

SheKnows: Seems like you are the voice of reason inSomething Borrowed, is that how you saw the character?

John Krasinski: I almost felt like he was the most real of all of them. I think that he was the more fully evolved person. He seemed to be the guy who is older than his years. I think of him as someone who has already gone through a lot of his tumultuous, "Oh my God, what should I do with my life" phase. He is a lot more secure with who he is and is able to give advice -- which was actually one of the fun parts about doing this part. The best friend role is usually completely a satellite to the main character's world and just orbiting around them no matter what they do.

SheKnows: He is definitely not your usual romantic comedy "friend."

John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin in Something Borrowed

John Krasinski: Exactly, the whole reason I signed on to the movie was because it's not a romantic comedy that I've seen in a long time. It's actually not a romantic comedy.

SheKnows: What are your thoughts on romantic comedies, and why do you think Something Borrowed should not be clarified as one?

John Krasinski: I sometimes get frustrated with the fantastical version of romantic comedies that all get tied up in a bow so you're almost removed from the experience. It's more just eye candy and a feel-good movie. This was one of those things where you are asked to go through this world with these characters where you can relate to in one aspect or another because it's presenting relationships as not easy or perfect. I doubt any of us have had relationships that are this complicated, but the complications in general are very encouraging for people who would see this movie. You can see that we're all in situations like this at times and that we made adjustments to our friendships. But, you rely on your friends and how those dynamics shift and change. So I was happy to play the guy who was kind of the only guy to say, "What? You're all insane!"

John Krasinski on The Office

SheKnows: You have quite a TV career too. How does working on The Office rank in your career vision?

John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson in The Office

John Krasinski: I wouldn't be here or even in L.A. if it weren't for The Office. I have learned everything about this business from that show and it's given me so many amazing opportunities. And on top of all, it is the most fun I have. I'm part of something that was very unique, in that it defines all of us. We're all really proud of it. We're all just so incredibly lucky to be doing this show. With Steve leaving the show, the question is always posed, "What's going to happen?"

SheKnows: So, what will happen on The Office, John?

John Krasinski: We're actually still figuring out who's going to be the boss both on screen and off screen. But, their (producers) idea was, "Why don't we just show that figuring out process on screen." It's been really interesting and fun. It's kind of like a spinoff to the show. They were always talking about a spinoff. And now without Steve, this is a spinoff. We're basically on a show where we've lost our leader but luckily, I've had seven or eight years to develop all these characters into such fully formed amazing hilarious people, that now any combination works. You're not wondering who these people are, so in a weird way, it almost feels like the beginning of when we first started. There is a lot of interoffice relationships and things like that and to do movies in your off time is a gift that I think I'm still stunned to have. It's a difficult thing for anybody to do but to be able to do it and to be working with people you actually respect is completely and totally surreal and nothing else. If anyone in this business feels like they deserve anything that they've gotten, they're on their way down.

Something Borrowed is not a romantic comedy

SheKnows: Now, back to Something Borrowed. How was working with Emily Giffin, the author of Something Borrowed? How did she help your characterization?

John Krasinski: She was totally excited and totally trusted us. I think at the end of the day was that thing -- fighting to stay true to her vision when the movie version was starting to take hold. The characters were so well-written that it was an easy barometer to know that you were well out of your league.

John Krasinski in Something Borrowed

SheKnows: Why should people see this movie?

John Krasinski: I think the whole reality of the situation. I think that, in my opinion, my disconnect with romantic comedies is it's almost tailored to the unbelievable. It's something to look at and it's never attainable so let's just enjoy this as the small drug that it is. I think that, to me, that is not so appealing. There is nothing representing me or any real life in their romantic comedy version of things.