The Bachelor breakup: Brad Womack gets dumped!

The Bachelor curse strikes again: Emily Maynard has dumped Brad Womack, this time for good!

Bachelor breakupEmily Maynard has had enough of Brad Womack and his wishy washy ways. The stunning blond single mom kicked Womack to the curb!

Life & Style reports that Emily Maynard broke up with Brad Womack over the phone earlier this month.

“Emily told Brad that she can’t picture them getting married,” an insider told the magazine. “Brad’s not acting like a fiance, and she knows that he’s not going to change. Emily knows in her heart of hearts that the relationship is finished.”

Another source said, “Emily was very close to moving with her daughter, Ricki, to Austin, Texas, just weeks ago, but that’s not true anymore.”

“Brad seemed very complacent all of a sudden,” said the insider. “He did everything he could to woo and charm Emily on the show, and then it just slowed. Emily knows he likes Texas, he likes his bars and booze, so she’s just wondering if he likes someone else. It started to really worry Emily. She felt like, ‘If he’s not wanting to see her, who is he with?'”

Another big bone of contention? Brad put an offer on a new house without even consulting her!

“She obviously feels that it isn’t the behavior of someone who plans to be with her.”

And, the friend says, Emily has stopped wearing her engagement ring. So why not just publicly announce the split? ABC won’t let Emily talk about it, the pal says.

Poor Emily. Will she ever be lucky in love? Ladies, let’s keep our eyes open for a great guy for her! Hint: He probably won’t be found on a reality show.

Image courtesy Life & Style


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