5 Reasons Miranda Kerr's bikini body works

Apr 19, 2011 at 1:17 p.m. ET

Miranda Kerr's tiny black bikini has sent tongues wagging and jealousy pangs rolling just three months after giving birth to son Flynn. The number one question on everyone's mind: Just how does Miranda Kerr's body after baby look so incredible?

Here are some clues that can help those of us not in Miranda's shoes (if she's even wearing any while frolicking on that gorgeous beach in a skimpy black bikini).

Miranda Kerr

1. She's a model

First off, remember that the woman is a model. Even before Miranda Kerr hooked up with Orlando Bloom and popped out that adorable baby Flynn, she was genetically talented in the beauty category! Very few in the world are selected to be Victoria's Secret Angels, and Miranda was lucky enough to have what it takes.

2. Healthy diet

She's spiritually centered and eats like a bird. Imagine if all of our postpartum diets consisted of steamed vegetables, fresh fruits and fish? The Miranda Kerr diet is just that, in addition to daily chanting, meditation, yoga and light jogging.

Miranda Kerr breastfeeding baby Flynn3. She's a breastfeeder

Miranda Kerr is a breastfeeder. The proud new mom showed off this photo of newborn son Flynn just a week after his birth. Nursing moms burn approximately 500 calories per day producing milk for their babies. Miranda, who shares, "I intend to breastfeed for as long as I can. My breast milk will give our little Flynn the nutrition he needs for his continued healthy development," is joined by fellow model mom Gisele Bundchen in being a big breastfeeding believer.

4. We know what you're thinking: But she doesn't even have stretch marks!

Please revert to bullets number one (Miranda Kerr's genetically gifted aspect) and two (a healthy diet). The likelihood of getting stretch marks during pregnancy is determined by the elasticity of your skin (if your mom had them you might be in trouble) and diet. Gaining only the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy will help minimize the amount of stretching your skin needs to do!

She's got help

Miranda and Orlando quite likely have help watching the new baby while they work, or at least help with keeping the house. This perk of the rich and famous allows them more time to sleep, exercise and take care of themselves, thus keeping their bodies in tip top shape.

On the offhand chance the Bloom-Kerr household really does operate without help, keep in mind that professional photo shoots have makeup artists employed to make people look their best. Ever heard of men having six packs painted on? Women often also have the tricks of the trade on their side.

Time to swallow that lump of jealousy and get motivated to make our own best bodies happen!

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