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Charlie Sheen asking judge for full custody of twin boys

In the latest twist and turn in the story known as Charlie Sheen versus Brooke Mueller, Sheen is headed to court Tuesday to ask for full custody of the couple’s twin boys, Bob and Max.

Charlie Sheen

The tables are now turning on Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller. According to TMZ, Sheen will be in a Los Angeles court today asking a judge for full custody of his and Mueller’s twin boys, Bob and Max.

Charlie Sheen isn’t going before the judge unprepared to gain full custody of the two-year-old boys. Sheen and his attorney, Mark Gross, will reportedly use a “personal plea” to appeal to the judge. Based off of Brooke Mueller’s recent failure to take a drug test and her new stint in rehab, we’re guessing they’ll probably try and prove she’s not able to take care of the boys.

Failing to take a drug test that’s part of their custody agreement is giving our favorite tiger blood-filled rock star good reason to pounce. He’s been lying low on the custody issue and we’re betting he was waiting for something like this to happen.

The warlock has another court matter to think about the same day as his custody battle plea — with Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre.

While Charlie Sheen is in Los Angeles making his case to gain custody of his boys, his civil lawyers will be in Santa Monica in a separate hearing in regards to opening his $100 million lawsuit against Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre to the public.

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