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Kimberly Caldwell says hello!

“I’ve been a performer my entire life and everything I’ve done has led up to this moment,” Kimberly Caldwell proudly stated. She may be best known as a contestant on the second season of American Idol and Caldwell may have taken her career in a non-musical direction after the iconic show put her on the map, but her love for music has never waned and proof of that fact is on each note of her new album, Without Regret.

Caldwell and SheKnows will be sitting down face-to-face in the coming days, and in the meantime, she has recorded a “shout-out” to our readers. Her Without Regret album drops April 19 and marks the singer’s triumphant return to her first passion, music.

Kimberly Caldwell says hello

After a series of TV hosting gigs post-American Idol, Caldwell is back making music, and judging by her new single, Desperate Boys and Stupid Girls, Caldwell has hit the pop music nail directly on the head!

As someone making their way through the entertainment industry, Caldwell keenly knows the pressure to be beautiful and how that can weigh on a person. She chooses to take a different approach to responding to the stress. “Life is so much brighter and easier when you stop trying so hard to fit in. Take time to surround yourself with the special people in your life who appreciate you for who you really are and always have your back,” Caldwell said.

So, without further ado, we present Kimberly Caldwell’s special message to our readers…and stay tuned for our exclusive interview!

Kimberly Caldwell exclusive!

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