Kelly Ripa emotional over All My Children cancellation

Apr 15, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. ET

After starring on All My Children for 20 years, Kelly Ripa shares sadness over the soap opera's cancellation.

The shocking announcement that All My Children has been cancelled after 41 years was a blow to Live with Regis & Kelly host Kelly Ripa, who not only starred on the soap opera for 20 years as controversial character Hayley Vaughan Santos, but actually met her current husband on the set.

Kelly Ripa

The beauty became emotional as she introduced a montage clip on Regis & Kelly this morning. Several shots included husband Mark Consuelos in his starring role as Mateo Santos Sr.

"Yesterday was the worst day," she said of ABC's cancellation announcement. "I grew up as a person on All My Children. It was a very sad, sad day for me."

Ripa was pregnant with two of the couple's three children during her time on All My Children. Joking about the many ways All My Children concealed her second expectancy she shared, "I got so big so quickly. They start out by hiding you behind your purse. Then I was buried alive and held captive in a cave and eventually they buried me up to here [motions to top of nose]. I did a lot of 'eye' acting."

Are you as emotional about the cancellation of All My Children as Kelly Ripa?