Taylor Lautner likes getting physical with Kristen Stewart

Taylor Lautner admits that his favorite scene in Breaking Dawn involved getting physical with Kristen Stewart.

Here’s something to sink your teeth into, Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart of Twilight

Not only is Taylor Lautner’s chemistry with Kristen Stewart over the moon, but now the actor and Twilight star says he enjoys getting down and dirty with her in Breaking Dawn. Hhhwhat?!

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Breaking Dawn spoiler alert!

As Stewart’s character, Bella, attempts to draw blood from Lautner’s character for “imprinting” on her daughter, things get rather heated — and Lautner enjoyed getting the crap beaten out of him!

“She is literally throwing me around the backyard,” he told MTV in an interview airing tonight. “So it was pretty fun to see Kristen try and act all tough.”

Further whetting the whistles of fans, Lautner has previously admitted that Stewart is a “fantastic kisser.”

Could love be in the air for these two? Squeal!

OK, settle down, folks. According to rumors, Stewart is in a pretty tight relationship with rumored BF Robert Pattinson (he reportedly just gave Stewart a promise ring!). So until rumors of a breakup prove to be true, this werewolf is likely barking up the wrong tree.

Yes, Taylor Lautner cries

So what will Lautner do after the last installment of Twilight? “There will be tears,” he told MTV. Awww… And how does he plan to pass the time? “Stamp collecting,” he jokes.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is scheduled for a November 18, 2011 release.


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