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Angelina Jolie gives strange love pendant to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is gifting Brad Pitt with a microscopic love message — not a tattoo this time, but a piece of jewelry that uses new technology to create a hidden message.


Leave it to Angelina Jolie to take gift giving to a whole new level! The actress and mother of six is giving Brad Pitt a necklace that has a microscopic love message engraved on it.

London-based jeweler Robert Procop will create the necklace based on ancient Egyptian amulets, however, they are keeping mum on what the actual description reads.

“I can’t tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it. The technology is quite new. The hidden message is lasered on.”

Jolie has reportedly purchased jewelry from Procop over the last 10 years — and they are even planning on going into business together! They plan on creating a jewelry line called “The Style of Jolie.”

What can you expect from this new line of jewelry? “Angelina has very classic style. These are pieces she wears herself,” says Procop.

Jolie does not plan on pocketing any of the profits from the business, as she plans to donate them to the charity Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. However, most people probably won’t even have access to buying the jewelry since they plan on selling it privately through the designer’s exclusive clients.

This will be the second time that Jolie has created a jewelry line for charity. She created a gold and silver collection for Asprey that consisted of baby gifts, such as egg cups and silver spoons — and was inspired by snakes. Interesting! All profits from the sales of that jewelry line also went to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

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