ABC cancels One Life to Live and All My Children

Two mainstay soaps — One Life to Live and All My Children — are ending their decades-long runs. What is ABC putting on instead?

Devastating news for fans of daytime soaps One Life to Live and All My Children: Both shows have been canceled. One Life to Live will leave the air in January 2012 and All My Children will meet its end in September.

One Live to Live and All My Children is canceled


AMC and OLTL have been on the air for 43 and 41 years, respectively. This leaves ABC with only one soap: General Hospital.

What’s going to replace the iconic shows? Two new health and lifestyle shows, The Chew and The Revolution, according to an ABC press release. The Chew is described as “a live show about anything and everything related to the world of food and beyond.” Hosts include chef Mario Batali, What Not to Wear’s Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall from Top Chef, Iron Chef’s Michael Symon and nutrition expert Daphne Oz.

The Revolution features Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, American Idol’s Kimberley Locke and trainer Harley Pasternak and “follows one woman’s five-month weight loss journey, which unfolds in five days, with daily results and a final transformational reveal on Friday.”

ABC’s daytime president Brian Frons said he recognizes how upsetting this is for the fans of both daytime dramas.

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is,” he said in a statement. “We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways.”

Real life is great and all, but we liked watching the non-reality based lives of our fave soap stars. Their problems are fun and exciting compared to ours.

Do you think The Chew and The Revolution can take the places of One Life to Live and All My Children?

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