Jesse Eisenberg flies to Rio

Jesse Eisenberg may star as a rare blue macaw in the Fox animated instant classic Rio, but he, just like “us,” took a plane to Rio. We’re sitting on the world famous Copacabana beach in Rio interviewing the cast of Rio, and The Social Network star is up first for the SheKnows Brazilian spotlight!

Jesse Eisenberg turned heads on stage and on screen for some time, but it was his one-two punch of Zombieland and The Social Network that forever endeared him to movie audiences. Eisenberg actually recorded his vocal tracks for his Rio character Blu on the weekends in New York City while he was shooting The Social Network in Boston and New York during the week. Jesse lets us know that it was an absolute blast to play Blu, the Rio-born bird who finds himself in Minnesota being cared for with eternal grace by Linda (Leslie Mann).

Jesse Eisenberg and Leslie Mann star in Rio

In walks Tulio — a Rio-based ornithologist (Brazilian film legend Rodrigo Santoro) with an urgent need — Blu needs to come to Rio in order to save his species. A female macaw has been found and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) mating with Blu is the rare bird’s only hope for survival.

We should mention one thing: Eisenberg’s Blu cannot fly. He never learned and has been just fine without that ability. The only thing is, when a normally planned visit to Rio turns into an all-out adventure, that talent could be useful!

Eisenberg is terrific as Blu, his wonder and awkward charm drive Rio from beginning to end. We found him an utter delight while he couldn’t say enough about his director, the brainchild behind Rio, Rio-born Ice Age creator, Carlos Saldanha.

Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Will.I.Am and George Lopez in Rio

And stay with SheKnows all week as we report from Rio complete with in-depth interviews with the cast of Rio including Jamie Foxx,, Anne Hathaway and Brazilian legend Sergio Mendes along with current hitmaker Taio Cruz!

Jesse Eisenberg exclusive video interview


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