Joe Wright dishes directing Hanna

Joe Wright, after taking the period piece route with Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, has taken his place among the best at directing crisp and unforgettable thrillers with his work on Hanna.

For Hanna, Joe Wright has reunited with his star from Atonement, Saoirse Ronan.

Joe Wright directs Saoirse Ronan in Hanna

He could not have chosen a better actress to play the 16-year-old who knows nothing of life other than being trained as an assassin by her father in the remote woods of Europe.

The film also stars Cate Blanchett as the woman pursuing Hanna and her father Erik, played by Eric Bana.

Wright has produced a stunningly visual piece of moviemaking nirvana with Hanna.

Each shot of the film has been planned to the “T” with utter precision and purpose.

Hanna star Saoirse Ronan

Watching Hanna, yes it is Ronan’s film to shine in, but without Wright’s keen eye for suspense, visual presentation and power, Hanna could be a run of the mill thriller. Instead, it is pure perfection.

Joe Wright exclusive video interview


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