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Did voting glitch cause Pia Toscano’s American Idol elimination?

Fans and judges were surprised when American Idol favorite Pia Toscano was eliminated off of last night’s show — and today, there are rumors that a voting glitch may have been responsible for her premature exit.

Pia Toscano American Idol

Fans are speaking out over the elimination of American Idol’s Pia Toscano, saying there was a voting glitch online that would not allow them to vote for the 22-year-old New Yorker.

“My wife was trying to vote for her online and couldn’t get it to work,” one fan told RadarOnline. “We’re not big fans of Pia and we didn’t think she would ultimately win, but we wanted to vote for her. And my wife clicked on the link online and it didn’t work first time, then she tried again and it still didn’t work. It wasn’t until the fifth time that it finally worked! We thought if people wanted to vote for her, they’d have to keep on clicking.”

Despite the complaints from fans, a production source said there were no issues with voting.

Pia is not the first American Idol contestant to be voted off prematurely. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry were voted off American Idol — and went on to have amazing careers!

But still, the question remains: Is American Idol’s voting system flawed? Or did America like Pia — but not love her enough to vote for her? It seems many fans are now speaking out, but were they actually voting for her when it counted?

Pia herself admitted that she wasn’t shocked she was voted off — and even had a premonition it would happen.

“I wasn’t shocked, but I was upset to leave the contestants and to not be performing on the show again. But I want to stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I can’t say why I was voted off, I just know it was my time to go. I have no regrets and I had a great time.”

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Tell us: Did you have any issues voting on American Idol?

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