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Morgan Freeman is Born to be Wild

When he could narrate any film he wanted, Morgan Freeman instead uses his gift of voice when the cause is above us all. In Born to be Wild, Freeman narrates a 3D IMAX spectacular that weaves a tale of two extraordinary women — one rescues orphaned orangutans in Borneo and the other orphaned elephants in Kenya.

Morgan Freeman

In the hands of Morgan Freeman with his beautiful baritone, Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas and Dr. Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick’s sacrifices are our own.

It is largely due to their selfless life of inspiration and life saving. But also, Born to be Wild compels in astute ways because the performer delivering the narration frames it with such cinematic swagger.

SheKnows caught up with Mr. Freeman, as we like to call him (check out our preview of our interview on the Florida set of the also-inspiring tale, Dolphin Tale), and he showed instant passion for the subject of the film, saying that it was important for him to be a part of the 3D IMAX story that is as large on screen as it is in heart. Those hearts belong to Dr. Galdikas and Dame Sheldrick!

Don’t miss Born to be Wild when it arrives on IMAX screens April 8.

Morgan Freeman video interview

Born to be Wild trailer

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