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Eric Bana talks Hanna

Eric Bana has his hands full in Hanna. The latest film from the charming Australian actor (Time Traveler’s Wife, Troy, Munich) finds him as a mysterious international spy who quit the game to raise his daughter.

Yes, Bana’s Erik raises Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) to be the most dangerous assassin in the world in order to prepare her for the wrath that is heading her way at some point in her life. The question is not if, it is when. The people pursuing Hanna will not stop until she is dead or captured.

Eric Bana in Hanna

As a dad himself, Eric Bana identified with the role in Hanna of a father who would do anything in order to prepare his daughter for the rough world that is ahead. For most parents, the “dangerous world” is life and its curveballs.

In Hanna, Bana must put aside all emotional attachments to his daughter when it is called for and remain steadfast in his commitment to his daughter’s survival.

Hanna star Eric Bana

Bana sat down for an exclusive video interview with SheKnows where he talked Hanna, the talent of the incredible Saoirse Ronan and how his perspective on the film’s theme was uniquely clear to the man who places fatherhood above all else in his life.

Eric Bana exclusive video interview

Hanna trailer!


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