Kate Middleton and Prince William: Does Kate compare to Diana?

Apr 7, 2011 at 4:44 p.m. ET

As soon as the official engagement announcement of Prince William to Kate Middleton was made, the Princess Diana comparisons quickly followed. From their upbringings to their personal styles, their charitable spirit and even celebrity status, check out the comparisons between Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana.

Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, was loved by all and would be a tough act to follow, however, Kate Middleton has done a great job so far. It still remains to be seen how she handles her royal duties once she and Prince William get married on April 29, but she is off to a great start.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

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Kate and Princess Diana similarities

Princess Diana had flawless style, as does Kate Middleton, and both have set trends across the world. From their amazing hats to couture gowns, their looks have been admired by all. Kate Middleton's style is a little more accessible to the general public, as she likes to mix high end fashions with more affordable favorites, wearing clothes from Shop Bop and Temperley London. You can certainly see the similarities in the engagement pictures below of Prince William and Kate Middleton and Princess Diana and Charles. Of course, Middleton is wearing the same blue sapphire engagement ring that Princess Diana wore.

Princess Diana was a huge supporter of charities and worked hard in her life to draw attention to those causes she believed in and supported. Kate and Prince William are following along the same charitable route by creating a royal wedding charity fund in which people donate to a charity instead of buying them wedding gifts.

Kate and Princess Diana differences

Many people, however, are saying the differences between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton outweigh their similarities. Whereas Princess Diana was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family, Kate Middleton is often referred to as a "commoner," as she was born into a middle class family. They did become wealthy in the 1980s, though, thanks to their own company.

Others say that Princess Diana became more famous than the other members of the royal family, however, Middleton will be perceived more as the "devoted wife" than a celebrity in her own right.

"She (Diana) had this compassion of a nun but the looks of a supermodel. We've yet to see if Kate's going that way. I suspect maybe not, I think maybe she'll be more of a support to Prince William and less of an individual in her own right," said The Sun royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

"Diana hailed from an enormously privileged, aristocratic, old English family. Kate comes from a family that descends from working class mining stock. In many ways, she had a much more modern upbringing," added Claudia Joseph, author of Kate Middleton's biography, Kate.

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