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Is this Bella’s wedding dress from Breaking Dawn?

Is this Bella’s wedding dress from Breaking Dawn? Forget Kate Middleton! A new illustration might be the first glimpse of the most anticipated gown of the decade.

Who cares what the future King’s wife will wear at her wedding this month? Really, it’s all about what Kristen Stewart’s Bella will wear at her vampire wedding. Special thanks to, who has this brand new image from Stephenie Meyer’s book The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.

Bella's wedding dress from Breaking Dawn

It shows Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) as a vampire, complete with the golden eyes of a “vegetarian vampire” and long flowing locks. The other is a picture of a mannequin in a wedding dress. (The writing is faint below the drawing but it says, “Bella’s wedding dress, depicted on a mannequin.”)

The shot shows a model of Bella with her hair in an updo. She has a bouquet of pale, pink roses and a long, billowing veil attached to the back of her hair. It’s covered in lace at the bottom. And that dress! Boat-necked, long-sleeved and somewhat slinky, and belted around the waist. The illustration was done by Young Kim and has left us wondering if this will be what audiences see when Breaking Dawn hits theaters.

You know you want to weigh in on this. What do you think of the pictures? Is the wedding dress all that you hoped for? Do you think this is a bone thrown to fans or is this a distraction to keep us off the scent of the real gown? Let us know below!

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