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Watch Britney Spears’ new video Till the World Ends

Britney Spears debuts her second new music video from her latest album, Femme Fatale. Watch Britney show off her dance moves in Till the World Ends, the follow-up to her hit song Hold It Against Me.

What would you do if the world was ending? If you are Britney Spears and her gorgeous crew, you would dance — till the world ends.

Decked out in a black studded leather jacket and thigh-high boots, Britney seems to be genuinely enjoying herself in her new music video, Till the World Ends. The video takes us to a futuristic dance club where meteors are destroying the city while sweaty and writhing dancers enjoy the dance party below.

Britney Spears Till the World Ends

With the edgy visuals and great dancing, the video compliments the fun and energetic dance party vibe of the song Till the World Ends. Although it is hard to deny the comparison to the video Slave 4 U, this song and video are sure to be a hit.

The most telling part of the video is at the end, as Britney pops her head out of a manhole with a light shining down on her. It seems like with her new hit record, Femme Fatale, Britney can put her dark past behind her and it is time to let the light shine in. Britney’s back!

Watch Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends:

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