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Top 5 April movies: Spring films have sprung

The weather is warming up and the April movies are arriving. We’ll tell you the top five films we’re looking forward to this month.

Russell Brand is Arthur

Spring is finally here and we’ve left the late winter movie dumping ground. April has quite a few juicy offerings that we can’t wait to see. We’ve got a raunchy comedy set in the Dark Ages starring an Oscar winner, a remake of a famous comedy, science fiction at its best, that latest installment of a beloved horror franchise and RPatz with animals. Here are our top five most anticipated April films.

Source Code

A science fiction thriller from Duncan Jones, the man who brought us the incredible, yet little seen Moon. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man who wakes up in someone else’s body…right before the train he’s on blows up. A secret program keeps returning him to the same moment until he can find the bomber and save the train. This one is getting some serious buzz from the fanboys. Source Code opens April 1.


In 1981, Dudley Moore played a spoiled alcoholic with a trust fund and a heart of gold. In the remake, Russell Brand takes over the iconic role. In the film, he only gets to keep his money if he marries the woman his mother chooses (Jennifer Garner). When he falls in love with someone else (Greta Gerwig), he has to face the world, and gasp, get a job. Helen Mirren stars as his nanny. Yup, you read that right. The trailer looks hysterical and Brand wears a Batman suit. Arthur opens April 8.

Your Highness

Imagine a screwball comedy set in the Dark Ages of England. Now add in the very funny Danny McBride, the man with the must-cast clause, James Franco, and Oscar winner Natalie Portman. Dragons, damsels in distress and Natalie in a thong. How could this not be hysterical? Your Highness opens April 8.
Your Highness star Natalie Portman

Scream 4

Ghostface Killer is back! So are Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox. (Boy, it must have been difficult for those two to do press for this one. They met on a Scream film if you recall.) Joining the cast of the beloved horror franchise are Alison Brie, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell and Emma Roberts, just to name a few. Scream 4 opens April 15.

Water for Elephants

Some teeny tiny little movie with some guy no one’s heard of…just kidding. We know you guys are drooling over this one. Robert Pattinson stars as a recently orphaned young man who joins a traveling circus during the Great Depression. There he meets the lovely…and married…star of the equestrian act, played by Reese Witherspoon.

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants

Set in the ’20s, the film looks gorgeous. It boasts animal tricks by the dozens and let’s be honest…we just can’t wait to feast our eyes on RPatz playing a non-glittery, non-blood drinking role. Water for Elephants opens April 22.

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