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Judge Judy rushed to L.A. hospital

Judge Judy was rushed to the hospital earlier today after falling ill.

Judith Sheindlin — better known as Judge Judy — was rushed to L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday morning after complaining of “intestinal discomfort,” according to TMZ.

Judge Judy rushed to hospital

Luckily, nothing was seriously wrong, but they are keeping her overnight to do some tests.

“I’m just exhausted, and my body was telling me it needed a day to chill. A lot of things just zoned together, including the bad news of the world,” Judge Judy told TMZ’s Harvey Levin via phone. “I was feeling funky this morning… funky enough that I knew someone should give a gander over what I got.”

Doctors also gave Judy an MRI to rule out anything more serious.

Judy was disappointed that her mystery illness sidelined her from an important business meeting Wednesday afternoon. She was supposed to meet some Las Vegas businessmen about a new Judge Judy slot machine.

Luckily, she’ll be able to meet with them next week. Good thing, too: We’d love to play some Judge Judy-branded slots.

Get better soon, Judge Judy!

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