Daily Celebrity Buzz for March 30th, 2011

Check out today’s top celebrity news from around the web, including Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, Brooklyn Decker and much more!

Mariah Carey pregnant belly

The Butterfly Sparkle Unicorn Twins are not coming out of Mariah Carey‘s uterus today – Access Hollywood

Aw, Adam Lambert has a pocket gay – Starpulse

Brooklyn Decker is trying to distract you from that awful haircut with a bikini – Betty Confidential

Someone needs to tell Britney Spears her stomach is only supposed to stick out farther than her boobs when she’s pregnant – Amy Grindhouse

Judging from that muffin top Lady Gaga should maybe skip the cake – Celebridoodle

Jessica Simpson will wait until Nick & Vanessa set a date then set hers for the night before – I’m Not Obsessed

Sandra Bullock hits the gym with her Cajun cookie – Babyrazzi

Jesse James cashes in on being a dirtbag – Celebrity Smack

Miley Cyrus doesn’t realize that’s exactly how The Biebs got his start? – Hollywire

Kris Jenner is a slave driver – Celebrity Cafe

Wonder Woman wears Uggs just like you & me! – TV Fanatic

Kirstie Alley knows how to get people talking – Reality TV Magazine

Willie Nelson is getting off – The Wire


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