Carla Gugino: Coming into her own

Mar 30, 2011 at 1:56 p.m. ET

Carla Gugino is a rare breed. She's adored by men and has scores of female fans. Gugino's got two new films in the works and a hit film in theaters. We'll give you our favorite Carla films of all time.

Carla Gugino in Sucker Punch

Carla Gugino enjoys an unusual fan base. She seems to be loved equally by both men and women. She's hot enough to make the guys go wild. She's done so many geek-friendly roles that fanboys will rarely argue with her casting (that in itself is a miracle) and she's got scores of female fans. She's got that indefinable quality that makes you want to go shopping with her and chat about boys.

Gugino has been in the news because of her role in the controversial film Sucker Punch. Despite the critiques raging online about whether the Zach Snyder film is empowering to women or merely a male video game fantasy, Gugino has escaped unscathed.

She's just joined Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Efron, Hilary Swank and Robert De Niro in the Garry Marshall directed comedy, New Year's Eve. Just today we learned that she'll be appearing with Eric Bana and James Spader in By Virtue Fall. She even managed to grab some great reviews as a porn-star-turned-sex-education-teacher in Elektra Luxx and in the indie film Every Day. This 39-year-old actress isn't slowing down any time soon. Here are our favorite Carla Gugino far.

Watchmen: Gugino plays Sally Jupiter whose alter ego Silk Spectre fought crime in the '40s and forced her daughter (Malin Akerman) into the family business. Based on the wildly popular comic, Watchmen had Gugino playing both a kick-ass chick and a broken mother with a deep secret.

Sin City: Another film based on a graphic novel. Gugino plays Lucille, the parole officer of the psychopathic Marv (Mickey Rourke). She has a famous semi-nude scene that cemented her as the "Queen of the Fanboys" for all time.

Spy Kids: In all three installments of the franchise, Gugino plays Ingrid Cortez, a spy turned mom turned spy. Even adults flocked to see these films. They're the perfect example of why Gugino is so well loved -- lovable mom who just happens to be able to take down the enemy with minimal effort.

Gugino will next be seen in Mr. Popper's Penguins which will hit theaters on June 17.