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Lindsay Lohan will not face charges in rehab fight

One down and countless others to go, but Lindsay Lohan was freed from any legal responsibility in her altercation at Betty Ford.

Lindsay Lohan

The Riverside County District Attorney decided to not file any charges against Lindsay Lohan for her rehab incident. Back in December 2010, Lindsay got into a scuffle with a Betty Ford employee.

“We are not filing any charges in the Lindsay Lohan case due to insufficient evidence,” DA spokesman John Hall told People.

So what went down at a rehab center that had to wind up in court?

Lohan decided that she didn’t appreciate the way that Dawn Holland, treatment specialist at the Betty Ford Clinic, was well, treating her. So, she allegedly threw a phone at her.

Wouldn’t be the first celebrity to use a phone as a weapon, no?

Then, things got worse when Linds grabbed the phone Holland out of Holland’s hand and promptly disposed of it as well.

As we know all too well, when it comes to Lohan and her legal troubles, this is merely the tip of the slowly sinking USS Lindsay Lohan. She still is facing jail time for her “borrowing,” sorry, stealing of a necklace from a Venice jeweler and oh, yes, she is still on probation stemming from her alcohol related arrests.

Good news is good news, wouldn’t you say?

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