Enrique Iglesias not touring with Britney after all

Put away your wallets, Enrique Iglesias fans: He’s not going on tour with Britney Spears after all. Here’s what happened.

Enrique Iglesias not going on tour with Britney Spears

Someone in the Britney Spears camp apparently jumped the gun by announcing that Enrique Iglesias would be joining her on her summer Till the World Ends tour. Color us disappointed: We were so looking forward to this pair on tour.

It turns out that Iglesias — now on tour in Europe — wanted out, according to Billboard. The tour announcement didn’t specify whether Iglesias would have been a co-headliner or opening act. All signs pointed to an opening act role, but Billboard reported that Iglesias would’ve brought his whole stage act on the road.

Billboard didn’t post any additional details, but we think this has more to do with economics and egos rather than bad blood between the two acts. Iglesias has enjoyed up-and-down success in the United States since his first English album in 1998, but he’s a huge international star. Plus, taking two full stage sets on the road would cost mondo bucks.

No word on a new artist to take Iglesias’ spot on the Till the World Ends tour, but we’ll give you all the details as soon as we hear them.

Who would you like to see on tour with Britney this summer?


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