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Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin & Julia Stiles celebrate birthdays

Today is a big day for Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin and Julia Stiles. Here’s why.

March 28 is a big day for birthdays: Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin and Julia Stiles all blow out their birthday candles today. Lady Gaga is 25, Gosselin is 36 and Stiles is celebrating the big 3-0.

Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin and Julia Stiles Birthday

We got to thinking how different these three ladies are. Sure, they’re all in the entertainment business, but their careers and lives are all so different.

Love & family

Reality star Gosselin found fame after giving birth to sextuplets and starring on Jon & Kate Plus 8. Fame got the best of the Gosselin couple, and now she’s single and ready to mingle. Lady Gaga and Stiles have no husbands or kids, but they are dating. Gaga is dating Drunk Diet author Luc Carl. We’re not really sure who Stiles is dating, and she denies that she’s dating Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall.


Gosselin’s reality career and star power is going down the tubes. She famously tanked on Dancing With the Starsand TLC put Kate Plus 8 on hiatus after low ratings. Lady Gaga’s career couldn’t be any hotter right now, especially with the upcoming release of Born This Way. Stiles is white hot with her recurring role on Dexter and a Broadway role in 2009’s Oleanna.

The Future

We wish Gosselin a happy birthday, but we’re happy not to hear about her and ex Jon Gosselin every 10 minutes. She doesn’t have talent besides birthing a bunch of kids at once. She’s not the most likeable character, either, so we’d rather see her focus on her family rather than an entertainment career.

And what can we say about Lady Gaga and Stiles? They’re both talented in different ways, and we love them both. Their careers will continue to grow, and we’ll be wishing them happy birthdays for years to come.

Happy birthday, ladies!

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