Kirstie Alley forgives George Lopez

Mar 28, 2011 at 11:16 a.m. ET

Turns out bribery does work -- Kirstie Alley has forgiven George Lopez for calling her a pig because he showered her with flowers!

Kirstie Alley - WENNKirstie Alley must have a soft spot for flowers. The Dancing With the Stars contestant has forgiven George Lopez for calling her a pig after he buttered her up with blooms.

Alley tweeted her forgiveness. "In fairness.. Mr. Lopez sent me a huge slew of flowers today... I formally accept your flowers and your regards...heres yur kidney back..;)"

In her original response to Lopez's comments, she insinuated he should give his ex-wife's kidney back -- the woman gave it to him when he was dying only to see her marriage fall apart a few short years later.

"Oh hell, we all F up..." Alley continued. "So forgiveness is divine... Thank God 99-percent of the people I know have forgiven me... And the one percent are (expletive)..."

Good to know Kirstie can return her focus to her DWTS moves and Lopez can go back to hosting his show that no one watches.

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