Prince William’s bachelor party

Prince William’s bachelor party is scheduled for this weekend, according to royal wedding insiders. Here’s what’s on the schedule for Will’s last party as a single prince.

It’s hard to believe that the royal wedding is now exactly five weeks away. We’re busy obsessing over all the details of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and the couple’s wedding cake — but what is Prince William doing right now? He’s getting ready for his bachelor party, of course. That’s right: Prince William is celebrating his last bits of freedom this weekend with plenty of fun.

Prince William's bachelor party is this weekend

“It’s top, top secret, but the dates have been marked off in the diary, and security knows every detail. For privacy reasons, we can’t reveal locations, but there will be plenty of booze and some legendary activities,” a royal insider told US Weekly.

And who is planning the bachelor bonanza? Will’s best man and royal rebel Prince Harry, of course.

“This is his last weekend before he starts his North Pole trek on March 29,” said the source of Prince Harry. “So he’s helped out with a lot of the planning.”

The palace is mum on the details of Prince William’s bachelor party, but speculation abounds. Some royal watchers suspected that the brothers’ friend, London club promoter Guy Pelly, was planning a raucous event. Then came word that rapper Snoop Dogg was in line to perform at the party.

We don’t know if any of that is true, but we do have an idea of what we’d like to see at Prince William’s bachelor party: Royal strippers.

Go with us on this one: We know there are Kate Middleton impersonators, but what about strippers? We could imagine two or three Kate Middleton lookalikes traipsing about for a few minutes before unleashing a striptease that would make even Prince Harry blush.

Ok, maybe that wouldn’t look too good — but we don’t think they’ll be sipping tea and discussing books.

What do you think they’ll do at Prince William’s bachelor party?

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