Charlie Sheen gets a new goddess

Charlie Sheen has a brand new goddess. We’ll let you know who’s helping him channel Hugh Hefner.


Apparently two girlfriends weren’t enough to satiate Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood, because he’s got a brand new goddess. In addition to his live-in girlfriends, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, Sheen is dating notorious party girl Megan Levant, according to The Sun.

In fact, they say he has been dating Levant for a few months and that friends are saying, “Megan is well-known on the club scene — mostly for her filthy antics. She often goes out wearing next to nothing and is not shy about sex. She loves porn and is a regular visitor to the Playboy Mansion.”

She sounds just perfect for him! Isn’t it great to know that, in these troubled times, these two — excuse us, four — crazy kids can find each other?

Seems like things are looking up for the warlock. The restraining order keeping him from seeing his ex-wife Brooke Mueller has expired, and it does not look like it will be renewed anytime soon. The court has removed any further hearings from their calendar. It also looks like Sheen will not be returning to Two and a Half Men, as previously rumored. He does, however, stand poise to collect a large sum from his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour — plus, those “Duh, winning” shirts must be selling like hotcakes.

How long until Charlie Sheen gets his own reality TV show? Any takers?

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