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James Franco gets an apology

James Franco received an apology of sorts from Bruce Vilanch after the writer ripped his Oscar performance.

James Franco - WENN

Bruce Vilanch’s honest opinion about James Franco and his lackluster Oscar performance earned him a spot in the Twitter Hall of Fame when the actor posted a mocking photo of the two.

Today Franco posted an email from Vilanch which on the surface reads like an apology. Under the surface, it reads more like “Stop being such a crybaby. I was being a lot nicer than I could have. PS You’re a jerk.”

The email reads:

“I was JOKING with this guy on the red carpet about all the sleeping jokes about you. He then got vehement about how bad you were and I was trying to DEFEND you. I don’t know what version, what context you read these remarks in, but believe me, I would never diss you. That’s not my style. You should never take the gutter press too seriously, they don’t do their homework and they like to pretend everyone is in a perpetual state of anger and distress. If you hears the tape, you would hear a much lighter reading than the one they gave. On the plus side, I now have a photo of the two of us together that I can press into my memory book, and the scrawled vitriol makes it even more precious. If you’re still going to do my life story, one of us has to have a little work.”

Franco took a photo of the email and posted it, overwritten with his beloved Microsoft Paint: “Thanks Bruce, sorry for reading stupid blogs.”

Image courtesy Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

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