Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett tapped for The Office season finale!

Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett are heading to NBC to guest star in the season finale of The Office.

If you thought Ricky Gervais‘ recent cameo on The Office was brilliant, you haven’t seen anything yet. Gervais is returning to The Office and he’s bringing a special friend with him — Will Arnett. Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett together on The Office — it’s comedy magic!

Ricky Gervais in The Office

Ricky Gervais made it clear he thought Will Arnett should make a guest spot on the popular comedy and he got his wish. According to Entertainment Weekly, both comedians have agreed to appear on The Office’s season finale on May 19.

The season finale is still in the writing phase so it’s unclear who Gervais and Arnett will play. This will be Ricky Gervais’ second appearance and Will Arnett’s debut. Gervais, who created and starred in the British version of The Office, recently made a cameo as the Brit’s leader David Brent.

The Office is gearing up for Will Ferrell’s four-episode stint beginning April 4, which will usher in Steve Carell’s final episode on April 28.

With so many shake-ups happening over at The Office, are you sticking with the NBC hit or are you ready to move on like its fearless leader Steve Carell? Are you excited for a Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett-powered finale? Tell us your thoughts, we want to know.


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