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What does Charlie Sheen taste like?

A bakery in Rutherford, New Jersey, wants you to eat Charlie Sheen. His cupcake, that is. The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop’s cream-capped Tiger Blood confections are selling so fast, owner Danielle Vance is struggling to keep up with demand. So… this raises the question…. what does a 46-year-old warlock taste like?

Charlie Sheen cupcake

Not even your stomachs are safe from the Adonis that is Charlie Sheen!

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After hearing about The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop’s Tiger Blood-flavored cupcakes, we couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to sink our teeth into the omnipresent Two and a Half Men star. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Charlie Sheen’s likeness etched into vanilla frosting, natch

  • Rainbow sprinkles (because… why not?)

  • Blood orange-flavored cake

  • Mixed berry filling — we imagine this means Charlie’s head appears to bleed when you take a bite. Yum?

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So basically Charlie Sheen tastes like vanilla, fruit and rainbow sprinkles. Which is exactly what we were expecting. Problem solved.Charlie Sheen cake formula

Would you eat a Charlie Sheen cupcake?

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