Glee recap: Original Song

This week, Glee gave us the kiss we’ve been waiting for between Kurt and Blaine all while mastering the original song.

Glee wrote history with Original Song this week for many reasons, but the biggest could be the kiss between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), not because they’re gay, but because Gleeks have been waiting to see the two get together!

Kurt sings solo on Glee: Original Songs

Glee: Original Song

It was time to pick song selections for regionals on Glee this week, so what did the New Directions do? They broke it down with some original songwriting — thanks in part to Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) trashing their first idea of singing a My Chemical Romance song.

We’ve been waiting to see the kids pen original songs ever since we heard Rachel Berry’s ode to her headband, but we didn’t expect to hear ditties like Santana’s tribute to Sam’s mouth in Trout Lips. It was oh so funny and wrong all at the same time.

Mercedes killed with her anthem Hell to the No, but the group needed something big to win regionals. After being harshly judged for her inability to dig deep and feel pain, Rachel took the task of writing one of the original songs all by herself. Warning Finn (Cory Monteith) to really listen to her words, Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) kept up their angst toward each other while fighting over Finn and their effort to compose a song together crumbled. Yeah, Quinn wants to be prom queen and she’s going to need Finn at her side to do it.

The group took all the hate that’s been thrown at them to come up with the perfect song — Loser Like Me! More on that later.

It wasn’t just about the New Directions this week. Kurt lost his beloved bird Pavarotti but he gained something more — Blaine. The two finally locked lips and became a couple! Not only that, but Kurt got his first solo with Blaine at regionals. In a beautiful moment that will have Gleeks talking forever, Blaine told Kurt, “You move me.”

Glee: Regionals

Sue Sylvester appeared at regionals as Aural Intensity’s coach, prompting her kids to sing Jesus Is a Friend of Mine to impress a judge on the panel (guest star Kathy Griffin as a Sarah Palin-type character).

Glee hits the regionals with Kathy Griffin as a special guest

New couple Blaine and Kurt, with the Warblers behind them, kicked major ass during their version of Hey Monday’s Candles and Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

Sorry to say it Warblers, but nothing could top the New Directions. Rachel dug deep for her original song and led her group through the most beautiful song called Get It Right which could also serve as a turning point for her relationship with Finn. She really wants to make it right with him. Watch your back Quinn.

But it was the group’s number Loser Like Me that will probably go down as a new anthem for Gleeks everywhere.

Loser Like Me showcased each performer’s feelings about being an outsider. The finale was the best! The group simulated a slushie to the audience with a fantastic confetti concoction.

There was no doubt, New Directions won regionals, but Glee also won as a show. They really stepped it up with a fantastic tribute to originality. Rachel Berry finally got her glee club MVP!

If you haven’t already, head over to the Glee page on iTunes and check out Loser Like Me! You won’t be sorry!