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The Switch clip starring Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in The Switch and we’ve got an exclusive clip never seen anywhere else!

Our The Switch exclusive clip is a deleted scene premiering here on SheKnows for the first time ever. It’s entitled In Elevator and features Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman giving audiences a real insight into their characters, and more importantly, their relationship!

The Switch stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman

The Switch is the story of Jennifer Aniston’s Kassie, a single woman who decides she’s tired of waiting for Mr. Right and takes matters into her own hands to finally have a baby. Her best friend doesn’t necessarily agree it’s the right idea and in the hands of actor Jason Bateman, Wally is equally compassionate and certifiably criminal in his actions.

The film becomes a maternity switch-up when Bateman’s character decides to switch Aniston’s sperm donor sample with his own. The Switch is not revealed until seven years later when Wally gets to know Kassie’s son. It doesn’t take too long before Wally notices the similarities between the child and himself — too many resemblances for it to be a coincidence.

Yes, hilarity does ensue, but yet The Switch still manages to be romantic, touching and tender in its telling of one woman’s tale of finally having the baby of her dreams and its potential to be a disaster.

The Switch also stars Juliette Lewis, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum and is available on home video everywhere March 15.

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The Switch exclusive clip

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