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Are we over Charlie Sheen’s shenanigans yet?

Yes, we’re so over Charlie Sheen’s antics. What will Sheen do next to regain the spotlight?

This weekend was amazing. Yes, terrible, terrible things are happening in the world, but we’re happy for one thing: We haven’t heard much from Charlie Sheen in a few days. Sure, he’s still tweeting — especially about his upcoming “tour” — but we haven’t been paying attention.

Why? We’re so. Over. It.

It was fun to watch at first — the constant interviews, the unpredictable behavior, the #winning slang. However, it got really old when Sheen’s purported meltdown evolved into a calculated public relations move to make money and get attention.

That's enough of Charlie Sheen

Do we think Sheen is an addict? Yes. Does he needs serious help? Yes. But, he’s an actor and a narcissist — attention is his new way to get high (among other things…) and we’re giving it to him.

Sadly, Sheen’s thirst for attention isn’t going to be quenched anytime soon — he’ll be around as long as the media keeps writing and talking about him. Thankfully, it looks like our Sheen obsession has jumped the shark — but we’re sort of scared what he’ll do next to get our attention.

Here’s hoping he’ll eventually get the help he needs, but he’s battled addiction for nearly three decades and hasn’t really seen the light yet. Will we think this is all so funny when he truly hits rock bottom for the last time?

What are your thoughts on the whole Charlie Sheen media circus? Are you tired or ready for more?

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