’90s Nickelodeon shows making a comeback!

Nickelodeon is poised to bring back some of its best ’90s shows this fall. Eat your heart out, SpongeBob… you little square jerk!


Get ready to hop back on the Big Orange Couch — Nickelodeon is bringin’ the ’90s back!

Nickelodeon 90s shows are back!

Fans can expect to see shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Pete and Pete and Rugrats air on TeenNick’s late-night block this fall

Why the sudden change? Network execs realized there was a growing demand for ’90s Nick shows after observing their wild popularity on social networking sites.

In other words, nostaltic twentysomethings want their Doug back!

Not gonna lie. This twentysomething is pretty pumped. No more late nights spent scouring YouTube for episodes of Salute Your Shorts.

Which ’90s Nickelodean shows would you like to see on TeenNick?


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